Are you looking for a stylist in Paisley who can cut curly hair?

Look no further as we have Salon Director Iain and his Senior Stylists.

We know what it’s like to struggle for YEARS with curls until you learn how to embrace them and look after them. That is why at Iain Stewart Hairdressing in Paisley we made it a priority to become Curly Hair Cutting Specialists.

We understand curly hair has special needs and it takes a special skill to cut it well. You must know how to look after your curls. So many people just don’t have a clue how to manage them well and are left struggling with their hair!

If you want to trade your frizzy unmanageable curls for drop dead gorgeous sexy curls then Iain Stewart Hairdressing in Paisley is the place to come.

Call us today on our Booking Hotline 0141 848 7165 to book your appointment or consultation. You won’t be disappointed

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